1. Pain Relief

Do you suffer from back, knee or neck pain? Maybe arthritis or joint pain?
Maybe you should consider getting relief from a hot tub, sitting in your own backyard. There are many benefits of owning a spa, pain relief is among the top reasons people invest in one.
Not only can heat help relieve your aches and pains, but the effect water has on your joints and muscles helps balance out the strain we put on our bodies daily. There are short and long term benefits of regularly soaking in a hot tub. Under high heat, our bodies release endorphins — the body’s natural pain relieving chemicals. These endorphins have the ability to ease arthritis pain or muscle soreness; they can also have a mild tranquilizing effect on the body and mind which aids in relaxation and pain relief.

2. Recuperate Faster

By soaking in warm water, accompanied by jet therapy, you allow your muscles to recuperate faster after rigorous physical activity. It also can help increase blood circulation, avoid muscle soreness and reduce lactic acid that causes fatigue in your muscles. Warm water stimulates blood flow to stiff muscles and frozen joints, making a hot tub an ideal place to do some gentle stretching before or after a workout or strenuous day.

3. Stress Relief

Because warm water has such an impact on our muscles and joints, it is hard to soak in a hot tub and not let go of stress. Many do not realize what stress causes within the body. According to Webmd.com, “stress that continues without relief can lead to a condition called distress, a negative stress reaction. Distress can lead to physical problems including headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, chest pain and trouble sleeping”.. Regularly using a hot tub can drastically reduce these symptoms of stress.

4. Better Sleep

Research shows that soaking in a hot tub for 20 minutes 2-3 hours before bedtime can help you achieve a deeper, more relaxing sleep. Let the use of a hot tub relax your muscles and joints, relieve your stress and better sleep will follow.

5. Cardiovascular Health 

Blood vessels dilate and your heart rate increases, similar to moderate exercise when soaking in hot water. Regular use improves cardiac output and can improve the respiratory system. Many people have experienced lower blood pressure with regular hot tub use.

6. Reduce Tension Headaches & Migraines

Migraines have been known to wreck havoc on plans and prevent many from living a productive, happy life. By immersing your body in your hot tub, with a temperature between 102-104, you can help your body release the tension that may be causing a migraine. Sit back, close your eyes and relax as your mind clears. You may be surprised how your headaches or migraines improve over time, just by doing this little favor to your body.

Make sure you stay hydrated!! Drink a glass of water before and after getting in your spa.